Beaute Blanc Fruit Vinegar Gel Hair Color Dye

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The Hair Color Dye is developed to dye hair especially for the broken & Damaged hair, which contains various fruit vinegar acid, ocean Water solubility collagen, ocean smart factor, aroma plants two Way regulate extracts, repair the hard and rough hair from Inside to outside, makes dyed hair black and shine with smooth And soft

Aravli Beaute Blanc Fruit Vinegar Gel Hair Color, Natural Black Color Dye For Hair Care, Natural Ammonia Free Color Dye (500Ml X 2) Even after several weeks, your looks fresh and radiant, and your hair stays looking nourished for a better color. Beaute Blanc Fruit Vinegar Gel Hair Color Dye - 500ml - Black The Nourishing After Color now contains 2 times more natural oil to protect your hair from drying out, leaving it soft and shiny from root to tip. Fruit Vinegar Hair Gel Color The Damage-Free hair color gel provides perfect black hair coverage as quickly as all other hair colors and stays bright and vibrant. Direction of Use Pour A and B in equal proportions in a mixing bowl and mix well. Apply all over the hair and scalp and spread it with a comb until it is evenly distributed all over the hair. Leave the application for 20-30 mins. Rinse your hair with sufficient amount of water

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