CBD+THC Vape Juice OG Kush

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CBD+THC Vape Juice OG Kush In Pakistan, Each 30mL bottle carries 2000mg of full spectrum CBD and 75mg delta 9 THC, so you can enjoy all

Why Choose Our OG Kush Vape Juice?

Exceptional Quality:

Our vape juice is made from a high-quality OG Kush strain, ensuring a rich and authentic flavor profile. We prioritize quality to provide you with a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience.

Optimal CBD-THC Ratio:

Experience the perfect balance of CBD and Delta-9 THC in every puff. Our carefully formulated blend offers the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD combined with the mild psychoactive effects of Delta-9 THC.

Premium Ingredients:

We source only the finest ingredients to create our OG Kush vape juice. Expect a smooth and consistent vape, free from unnecessary additives or fillers.

Lab-Tested for Purity:

Rest easy knowing that our product undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing. We are committed to transparency and ensuring that our OG Kush vape juice meets the highest standards of purity.

Convenient Vaping Experience:

Enjoy the convenience of our vape juice – a hassle-free way to experience the benefits of CBD and Delta-9 THC. Compatible with a variety of vaping devices, our product is designed for your ultimate satisfaction.

CBD+THC Vape Juice OG Kush Price In Pakistan is 8,499/-PKR

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