CBD Vape Juice 5000mg In Pakistan

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CBD Vape Juice 5000mg In Pakistan, Looking for a tasty flavoured E-Liquid to vape with but with the added benefits

- 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD

- 120ml Bottle

- 100% USA Organic Hemp

- Full Spectrum Cannabis Flavour

- 60VG/40PG

- Lab-tested for Safety, Purity, and Potency

- Vegan Friendly

- Childproof and Tamper Evident Cap

- Recyclable Bottle


Agent Apple, Blue Slushy, Blueberry Cheesecake, Boy Scout Cookies, Candy Crack, Cola Express, Forest Fruits, Grape Crush, Hash Berg, Jammy Strawberries, Menthol Madness, Nasty Nerds, Orange Blaze, Pancake Man, Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Skittz, Raspberry Kush, Space Cake, Vanilla Custard, Vimto Haze, Watermelon Splash


Cannabidiol (CBD), PG, VG, Flavour concentrate

CBD Vape Juice 5000mg Price In Pakistan is 8,499/PKR

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