Flash For Women EDP Perfume in Pakistan

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Flash is built as a perfume that accentuates sensitive white flower notes with a touch of spices and fruit

Flash For Women EDP Perfume in Pakistan

They could not be a greater difference. I've cherished flash from day one! So lots that I wore it every day for years. Anytime I attempted a brand new heady fragrance, people who recognise me forever requested what become different! I've additionally run into some whom I actually have now no longer visible in months or maybe years who for the duration of a hug have stated that they love, and adore my heady fragrance and are satisfied that I hadn't changed! Strangers in line at the back of me regularly praise me as to "the diffused horny undertones that cloyingly glide approximately you as you pass One charming, stylish and good-looking gentleman stated I want it have been a regulation that every one ladies have to put on scents as beautiful.

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2022-09-23 08:50:55
This is a brand new heady fragrance Perfume for all kinds of event we apply it.

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