NANO GLUTA Super White 1500000 In Pakistan

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Supplements for skin brightening 800K mg content is L- Glutathione and its components ( Vitamin C, ALA and Grape Seed Extract) can be considered as food/ dietary supplements, they are also called powerful antioxidants. It is not a drug and so there are no known contraindications

Ingredients: L- Glutathione 800000mg, Vit. C 30000mg, Bioflavonoid 1200mg, Hyaluronic 2000mg, Koji Berry 600mg, Rasberry Extract 600mg, Collagen 200000mg, CoenzymeQ10 1200mg, Pine Bark Extract 500mg, 1-2 Softgel immediately after a meal. 1-Achieve slimmer face (V- face) 2-Pinkish glowing skin and Korean Glowing Skin 3-Fades away dark spots and acne 4-Fights aging with collagen 5-Whitening and Firming 6-Anti- Oxidant 7-Healthy Skin and Wrinkle Free

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2024-05-23 04:43:52
wow amazing result

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