Sidra Special Epimedyumlu Macun in Pakistan

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Flower Honey, Mulberry Molasses, Locust Molasses, Epimedium Extract (%1.6), Ginseng Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, Cinnamon, Semen Pegani, Ginger, Pollen, Nettle Seed, Ferula Communis, Black Cumin, Locust, Cinchona, Fructus Cubebae, Carnation, Flax Seed

Sidra Special Epimedyumlu Macun in Pakistan - For Sexual Life to Be Healthy and to Work With Balanced Integrity, the Body and Soul Must Be Healthy and Vigorous. Sidra Special Epimedium Turkish Honey Mix Turkish Paste (240g) is the Number One Natural Aphrodisiac in Turkey. The Product is a Supplement, Not Medicine! It Stimulates the Erectile Functions of the Male User While Increasing Blood Circulation to the Vaginal Tissues of Females.

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